Our Eco-Friendly Shipping Practices

Lets about about recycling!

Especially artists, you don't want to know how many things we have in this house saved, saying "we can use this for a stamp" or "I'll use this to keep paint chips in!". We try to repurpose anything possible; reclaim clay, glaze chips, shipping supplies, storage, the list goes on and on.

As a business, we really want to make sure my shipping technique and process is as neutral to the environment as possible.

We save almost every box to use in future shipping supplies. Seriously, y'all should see the garage filled with cardboard haha. I also want it to be as easy as humanly possible for my customers to recycle my shipping materials. When possible, I try to support local clay vendors, or drive to pickup produce so theres less shipping waste - which benefits both myself and the supplier.

Eco friendly shipping box, with paper tape saying to recycle.

We have been diligently researching the most ethical way to ship things too, and not only thinking about your item getting to you, but what happens afterwards. I had no idea that stickers we're curbside recyclable. That includes promo, shipping tape, shipping label - I was SHOCKED.

We're making sure our shipping labels and tape are compostable. Even taking the next step as making sure the ink is non toxic and home compostable. I want each and every order from my shop to be as neutral to the environment as I can manage. Also effortless enough for you, as a consumer to curbside recycle any and all shipping supplies.

How do you practice recycling in your art or shipping process? Remember, we don't need to be perfect to practice these techniques. Just reusing boxes to ship or up-cycling a tool is enough. Little changes add up to a big effect!