Why we ditched our promotional packaging

Promotional packaging eco friendly


If you've ordered from us recently, you might of noticed something a bit lacking with our packing...

When we first started with had three inserts; our business card, a gift-code, and a care list.

HOWEVER, now that we discontinued our promotional packing, if you scan the QR code on the back of our included business card, it'll take you to our mobile landing page where you can find;

💟 Care instructions & FAQ

💟 Our e-mail list sign up

💟 Our social media pages

💟 Our contact form

💟 All of the affiliates we're connected to

This year, we wanted to really simplify our shipping and especially cut down on our paper-product consumption. Using a QR code enables us to direct you to our most popular questions and pages. It's simplified, and has a lighter impact toward the Earth. 

But don't worry, we still include some extra goodies and a return customer discount code to thank you for your purchase!