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Discord Invite The Creative Clubhouse

We created an exclusive little corner of the internet for artists among all sorts of mediums!

We want you to be able to authentically connect with other like-minded individuals that share your artistic medium, as well as be able to link up with artists outside of your normal niche.

It's called The Creative Clubhouse; a fun, creative, inclusive space for artists and creatives!

Among the our own things that our shop will be offering, like exclusive glaze recipes, behind the scenes, and server-only giveaways, you can expect things like...

💫A community of resources for collaborating, trading, commissions, and more!

💫Member-only inside tips of managing your own online shop including multiple hosting platforms.

💫 Community support for the isolated working artist. You know who you are! Working from home, or maybe living in a new area, this is space to virtually hangout with like minded individuals across all walks of life.

💫 A place to support come for virtual co-working and getting to watch other artists do what they do best - create!

We offer useful channels for artists of all kinds! 3D modeling, digital creations, embroidery, ceramics, polymer clay, and more. We even have a judgement-free zone to share things that you're working on outside of your comfort zone and just creating for the sake of experimentation.

So you might be wondering, what is discord exactly? Well, if you're from the age of the initial internet rising, the best thing I can compare it to is a friendly blend of chat-rooms and AIM. One of Discord's best features; it's free to join too!

We're hanging out in there every day, and hopefully, we'll get to see some familiar faces in the digital co-working space soon too! 

We've included the link here! There's zero obligation, and we're just happy to provide this space for whoever feels called to it.

Oh, and if you have any questions about setting up your discord, reach out to us via email or social media, we'lll be glad to lend a helping hand!