Artist Highlight - Ellyse Amelia

Ellyse was born in Annapolis, Maryland but considers herself a through and through Floridian having been here more all but 1 year of her life. 

She started art at an early age by selling drawings of whales to her classmates in elementary school. Then she started selling them home made fabric print belts. How she went from whales to belts, we may never know!

Since then she has had many ventures in the arts from books of poetry, to winning college art program awards for her micro paintings, creating murals and now ceramics. 

Ellyse's education background consists of completing culinary school at the Natural Gourmet Institute, interning for Iron Chef Morimoto, a Bachelors in 3D Animation & Simulation with many classes based in Architecture & Engineering

Professionally, Ellyse is a brand manager and creative director who specializes in marketing, project Managment and innovative technologies.

By night and weekend she is making art with her wife Courtney while listening to music, their favorite podcasts and books.

Ellyse and Courtney love living as sustainably as possible and work hard to enjoy as much time as they can outside and traveling with their golden retriever, Luca.

To Ellyse, this life is all about enjoying the simple things. 

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