Cover your tea while steeping, here's why!

tea cover info

Are you getting the most benefit from all your herbal teas?

Do you cover it while its steeping?

Well, you should be!

We only recently learned this, and we're grateful for the knowledge!

tea cover info

Temperature matters, though, you can vary this on personal taste preference too, there are no absolutes, this is just a reference!

🫖Black - boiling 212° / 3-5 minutes

🫖Oolong - 190° / 2-5 minutes

🫖 White - 180° / 1-2 minutes

🫖 Green - 150°-160° / 2-3 minutes

tea cover info

✨Covering while your tea steeps prevents the volatile oils of the leaves escaping. It also helps to maintain the required temperature✨

Thats where our super handy tea cup covers come in! They're the perfect solution to help you the be most benefit from your traditional, herbal, or medicinal teas.

You can find our tea cup covers (quite useful for a cup of ramen on the go too) right here!

 tea cup covers

Since ditching coffee, we've been diving into different teas to start the morning, sometimes traditional teas (lately its been oolong) or somethings herbs.

Do you have a favorite type of tea?! Let us know below! Especially if you found a sweet spot of brew time and temperature, we're total nerds for that stuff! 

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