Artist Highlight - Courtney Trethric

Hi there, my name is Courtney and I’m so glad you made it here! 

Well, I've been around art ever since I could remember, and I'm lucky enough to still be surrounded by it in all aspects of life. Truly, each of my friends is deeply artist in their own way, and its amazing to witness. 

I had loved my ceramics class in high school, it was by far my favorite scholarly experience (besides having art class with my best friend!) 

I revisited clay, but as polymer clay some years later. I loved the grounding aspect, and meditative aspect it brought. I had experimented with it here and there, but really wanted to make something more functional and durable.

In mid 2021 my wife, Ellyse, surprised me with a pottery wheel as I mentioned some time early that I’d love to learn the art. Turns out, it requires a lot of strength, and I just couldn’t get the hang of it no matter how much I tired. 

We pivoted our approach, and tried handbuilding and slab rolling our high-water speckled brownstone instead of throwing it. 

I loved it, and so did she! It was a hit! 

From there, I’ve been honing into my technique and aesthetic. I source my inspiration straight from nature. It’s visible through the ridges on my mugs and plates, a past trip to the Appalachian mountains. I sometimes gather plants from my neighborhood and imprint them into the clay for an organic and natural aspect. 

Theres something so magical about being able to directly manifest ideas into physical adornments for your most used spaces. Hand built ceramics can deeply shift a space or routine. Personally, I find it elevates even the most common of rituals  - like morning coffee. Incorporating a super special mug that immediately elicits that feel good feeling, you can’t beat it. 

So much love goes into these pieces, and I think you’ll be able to feel and see that! Each item has a story and thought out concept behind it, and hopefully you enjoy this wonderful and joyful journey I’ve come across. 

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